• Sedona Meditation Experiences

    Come Home to Sedona

  • Find Yourself in Sedona

    There is a subtle yet powerful magic about Sedona that is especially strong when you sit peacefully amongst the red rocks.


    Our meditation experiences are specially designed to help you tune in to that Sedona energy and connect with your own divine nature. De-stress your nervous system, listen to your heart's true desire, and find the clarity to envision what's next in your life adventure while being supported and guided by a warm and caring professional.


    It is more than a meditation class, it is an immersive experience that you will never forget!


  • Let's Meditate Together

    Teaching. Guided Practice. Healing.

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    Group & Private

    The meditation experience of a lifetime! On the red rocks, you'll tap into the energy of Sedona, learn more about awareness practices, and be guided into a deep peace.

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    Deepen Your Practice

    Work 1-on-1 or in a small group with Michele to deepen your practice, connect with your spirit guides, release stagnant energy, or envision your next chapter.

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    Ancestral Healing

    Connect with your wise and kind ancestors. Through a guided and interactive meditative session, Michele will help you connect with & bring peace to your lineages.

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    Enhance Your Event

    We will come to your retreat, reuinion, corporate getaway, or wedding and bring a meditaiton experience - custom talk, instruction & guided practice - to your group.

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    Support for Your Journey 

    Whatever you want to acheive, meditation can help. Custom, guided meditation journeys can help you replace bad habits with good ones, live a more spiritual life, and more. Via Zoom.

  • Sedona Meditation Retreats

    When you are ready to take a deeper dive into your meditation practice, a Sedona meditation retreat is just the thing. Make the most of your vacation and make good use of the Sedona energy to deepen your practice, help find insight and direction when you're at a crossroads, or to help celebrate a special event with clarity and joy.


    Our meditation retreats are built around you. Each meeting, you will enjoy a guided meditation at an iconic Sedona location, deepen your understanding of meditation, gain valuable insights, and take strides in making inner peace a stronger part of who you are - all while exploring Sedona and learning about the beautiful high desert environment.

    • Find clarity to make heart-centered choices about how to move forward in your life
    • Experience a meaningful and bonding once-in-a-lifetime experience
    • Learn how to meditate in a way that works perfectly for YOU
    • Access the magnificent energy of Sedona's sacred and powerful places and learn how to use it for personal healing, insight, and spiritual awakening