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Misty Mountain Meditation

EP 69 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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 There are a few special days each year in Sedona when precipitation brings low clouds to shroud the red rocks. The energy that these low clouds bring is truly magical. 


When I see the iconic red rocks partially hidden by the mist I am filled with a sense of mystery - as if the energy that I have come to know and love is there but is phasing in and out of awareness. In this way, it also has a playful energy – like the clouds and the red rocks are playing a game. 


I am reminded of a hike I did in Sequoia National Park one winter day. I was in snowshoes hiking amongst those glorious giant trees when a thick fog rolled in. Suddenly I could see only cloud around me. I knew the big trees were there but I could not see them. It was spooky being cut off visually in an unfamiliar forest and hiking alone.  But I was so filled with awe at being able to experience this interaction of forest and cloud that I couldn’t help but be filled with playful mystery, same as in Sedona on these rare misty mountain days. 


The misty fog is a bit like the mind. Sometimes the fog of the mind obscures the nature of what lies beneath. We can get distracted by the mind to the point that we no longer know what lies beneath – who we are or what we’re about. Meditation is a great tool to reconnect with that underlying energy – the truth of who we are. 


The more we connect to the that truth the easier it is to fully embody it. This helps us to be grounded in the truth so that even when the fog is thick, we do not lose connection with our underlying truth. We stay grounded in our truth, like the red rocks and the Sequoia, so when the mists and fog descend we can simply enjoy the mystery and playfulness of them instead of getting lost, upset or scared. 


Join me in today’s Sedona Meditation Adventure for a glimpse of this beautiful dance between red rocks and misty fog and take a few moments to meditate with me. 


Do you have any lost-in-the-fog stories? I'd love to hear them.