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Room for Even More Peace

EP 68 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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(Due to the wind in the recording, it's best to turn on the subtitles in the lower right corner.)

When I first moved to Sedona all those years ago, I immediately took to the trails. Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Airport Mesa… each captured a part of my heart. From atop these perches, I felt Icould spread my wings and soar. And so Idid.

And then I discovered the canyons. Boynton Canyon, Long Canyon, Fay Canyon, and more. I didn’t think the landscape could be any more amazing but here were these sweet canyons that embraced me from both sides.

Then there were the swimming holes and I discovered yet another delight of this sacred landscape. And on it goes!

Meditation is much like this. My first experiences with meditation were big and grand and I noticed right away how different I felt during and after meditating than my ‘everyday awareness’ felt.

A few years later, I learned a whole new way to meditate and it took me to a deeper and different part of my inner landscape. Again came a shift in my awareness.

Then another few years later and I learned how I can use meditation for self-healing. Then for awakening my intuition. Then for connecting with spirit guides. And on and on.

Meditation, for me, has been a journey. Each hike on that inner terrain takes me deeper into my awareness, able to detect more nuanced energy moving through me. With a deeper and broader awareness of myself and my practice, I am able to go back and walk some of those beloved inner trails again and see them with brand new senses.

Just like my beloved Sedona. I hike some of the same trails again and again and each time they show me something different. As I grow and deepen, so does my awareness of the world around me and of the world within me.

This is the journey of meditation. There is even more room for peace.