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    There is something magical about Sedona and you can feel it when you are out in the magnificence of nature. It has a way of bringing your heart's desires closer to the surface so you can listen to and work with them more easily. Michele's meditation experiences are specially designed to help you tune in to the Sedona energy and connect with your own divine nature. De-stress your nervous system, listen to your heart's true desire, and find the clarity to envision what's next in your life adventure while being supported and guided by a warm and caring professional. It is more than a meditation class, it is an immersive experience that you will never forget!

  • Experiences During COVID-19

    Health and well-being are essential. During the pandemic, we are offering private in-person meditation experiences for individuals or small groups (up to 4) traveling together. Our experiences will be held outdoors and in the morning and social distancing will be enforced. Please contact us to discuss and schedule your private Sedona meditation experience.


    We also offer ONLINE meditation experiences for individuals and groups. We will be outdoors together, just online. Contact us to schedule.


  • Have an Experience

    Take advantage of your time in Sedona and really experience meditation. Whether you are brand new to it, a pro, or somewhere in between, you will be comfortable and engaged on a meditation experience with Michele. Our experiences are 90 minutes (which includes instruction, short exercises, and a 25-minute guided meditation) out in nature on the red rocks where the energy is strong.


    1. Choose your experience from the ones listed below.

    2. e-Mail us your preferred day/time.

    3. We will reach out to you to confirm availability and complete your booking.


    Once you are booked, we will send you detailed instructions about where we will meet.


    Meditate in the Sedona Vortex Energy

    Tap into the powerful and subtle energy in Sedona. You will experience various meditation techniques and discover the ones that work best for you. Explore your intuition and allow your spirit to soar among the unique energy of the red rocks.

    Open & Balance Your Chakras

    Learn about the ancient system of the seven energy centers in your body, their physical, emotional, and spiritual significance, and how you can use the chakras in meditation to develop your inner awareness, find balance, and deepen your practice.

    Loving Kindness Meditation to Open Your Heart

    Put this ancient and powerful Buddhist practice to work in your life and transform your relationships. This meditation experience is designed to exercise your compassion muscle as you share blessings of love and well-being with yourself and others.

    Concoct Your Own

    Maybe you want to do a series of short, daily meditation experiences. Or you're having a wedding and would like a special meditation experience for your group. Or something else entirely. We can work with you to create the perfect meditation experience.

  • Sedona Meditation Retreats

    When you are ready to take a deeper dive into your meditation practice, a Sedona meditation retreat is just the thing. Make the most of your vacation and make good use of the Sedona energy to deepen your practice, help find insight and direction when you're at a crossroads, or to help celebrate a special event with clarity and joy.


    Our meditation retreats are built around you. Each meeting, you will enjoy a guided meditation at an iconic Sedona location, deepen your understanding of meditation, gain valuable insights, and take strides in making inner peace a stronger part of who you are - all while exploring Sedona and learning about the beautiful high desert environment.

    • Find clarity to make heart-centered choices about how to move forward in your life
    • Experience a meaningful and bonding once-in-a-lifetime experience
    • Learn how to meditate in a way that works perfectly for YOU
    • Access the magnificent energy of Sedona's sacred and powerful places and learn how to use it for personal healing, insight, and spiritual awakening

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  • About the Experiences

    Commonly asked questions.

    Where will we go?

    We will go to gorgeous location in and around Sedona so we can meditate out in nature. In the event of inclement weather - or if guests prefer - we will meet indoors.

    What do I need to bring?

    I will provide meditation cushions. We will be outdoors for 90 minutes so be sure to bring water, sun protection and footwear and clothing suitable for light hiking. If it's chilly out, bring a jacket or something to keep you warm.

    Who can attend?

    The public group experiences are for adults aged 18 and up. Private experiences can include anyone willing to participate. All meditation experience levels are welcome - newbies to pros.

    What does it cost?

    The cost of a private session depends on the number of people in your group and the duration of the experience. Contact us for more info.

    Do you offer retreats?

    Absolutely! We offer meditation retreats for individuals and private groups. The retreats are customizable for 1, 2, 3, or more days AND the amount of time we'll spend together each day.


    Learn more about a Sedona meditation retreat.

    What kinds of groups do you work with?

    During the Covid pandemic, we are encouraging private experiences for individuals and couples. Group experiences may be held but they will be limited to 4 guests and masks may be required.


    Private experiences offer focused experiences for individuals, couples, tour groups, corporate groups, wedding parties, and more - anyone wanting to explore inner peace and higher awareness.


    Our meditation retreats are for individuals, couples, or small (private) groups who want to do a deeper dive into meditation, insight, and inner peace.

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