• Meet Michele

    A passion for meditation and teaching - and a love of Sedona

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    Michele Mattix

    Hi there - I'm Michele, founder of Sedona Meditation Experiences. I am a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor (from the McLean Meditation Institute) and a certified Ancestral Healing Practitioner (from Ancestral Medicine). I have taught thousands of people how to meditate and to deepen their practice.


    My meditation journey began my freshman year of high school when I was fortunate to have attended a meditation workshop at my school. When I came to Sedona in 1997, my life was transformed from the healing I received. All I wanted to do was sit out on the red rocks, tune in to the energy, and meditate.


    And here I am still doing just that! Now I share the experience with others - perhaps you - who answer the call to come home to Sedona - home to your own divine nature.


    You will be supported and honored when working with me. I am kind, caring, non-judgemental, and professional. I am a mathematician and scientist (climatology and environmental science) by training so my feet are firmly on the ground. And I also follow the call to deepen my intuition and use meditation not only for inner peace and stress relief but also for communing with nature, spiritual enrichment and profound personal growth.


    I am blessed to call Sedona home and it will be my pleasure to share some of the sacred places and meditate there with you. Come home to Sedona and join me for a meditation experience that you will never forget!