• Ancestral Healing

    One-on-One Guided Inner Healing Experiences

    Inherited Burdens & Blessings

    Most of our healing issues stem from what we learned - consciously and unconsciously - as babies and children from our family-of-origin dynamics. If you are on a healing path in life, you have probably recognized some of the ways that your behavior is influenced by these old, out-dated dynamics. Often these dynamics are part of a bigger system of ancestral behavior - burdens that have been passed down generation to generation. They are literally rooted in your bones, blood, and DNA.


    Ancestral healing helps to shed light on these burdens as well as the many blessings you have inherited from your ancestors. It is a beautiful process in which you are guided through the inner experience of connecting with the spiritual face of your lineage and working with that wise and vibrant energy to bring healing to your people - the dead and the living. In the process, you discover more about your people as well as your intuition and ability to go deeper into inner healing experiences.


    As a meditation coach and guide, I am skilled at guiding my clients to inner peace and deeper awareness. I have found this to be a great starting point to initiate deeper healing work. As an ancestral healing practitioner, I guide clients through the process of reconnecting with your lineage and helping to bring the healing so dearly needed to the spirits of the dead as well as to the living on the lineage.


    If you're interested in learning more about this work, check out my sister site at www.InnerExperiences.com and scroll down to watch the video below or to schedule a free 20-minute Zoom call.




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