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Chasing Perfection

EP 77 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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When is the last time you experienced true perfection?

The perfect kiss, a perfectly fitting pair of jeans, perfect timing... these moments don't happen very often. Or, perhaps they do happen often but we are not in the right state of mind to recognize them when they do.

I was oh-so lucky to experience the annular solar eclipse in its totality last week. It's rare for a solar eclipse to happen close to home and rarer still for the path of totality to pass overhead. Like many others in the U.S., I was lucky on the first point, but the path of totality did not pass through Sedona.

So I created my own luck! On a whim, I decided to drive 3 hours to a part of the Navajo Nation under the path of totality. Yes, it was a hassle and yes, there were many other things I could have been doing. But the allure of those few moments of pure perfection were pulling me.

In this Sedona Meditation Adventure, I share with you the story - and all of the little perfections - that made my trip possible. I also share how meditation helps you to connect with the perfection within you.

And if you haven't meditated today, stop waiting for the perfect moment and just do it. You can do it with me now in the video which was filmed by Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock. It's loaded with perfection - perfect time of day, perfect spot, and perfect peace.

The perfect moment to meditate is this moment. The perfection lies within and it's always there.