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Awareness Plus Breath

EP 72 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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Meditation helps to build mindful awareness and that is golden for self-healing. Mindful awareness is like a laser that you can shine on
yourself to help bring unconscious behaviors and feelings into the light so they can be released.

Unconscious behaviors and feelings often come about from trauma. Trauma does not have to be big and dramatic and it often is not. Trauma can occur anytime you experience emotional distress. It can come from something sudden, like a car crash, or something ongoing, like ongoing emotional or physical abuse. There is no shortage of trauma in our modern world. Glancing the news headlines is enough to do it.

Trauma gets lodged in the body, in our emotions, and in our nervous
systems. Until you release it, it stays there. It can leave you
disconnected from your body, avoiding certain activities, places, or
people, and essentially feeling trapped with the burden of an unseen
weight upon you.

Mindful awareness is an excellent tool to help reveal behaviors and
feelings that may be from trauma. When you come across such a part of yourself, the best tool is to slow down and breath through it. Let the energy move. That can be through emotional expression, screaming, or moving your body.

If it is your first time attempting this type of healing OR if you're
working with something particularly challenging, it may be helpful to
work with a professional - someone who can hold space for you and
support you as you explore unfamiliar terrain.

For meditation and mindfulness practitioners, you can start with a body scan. Use your mindful awareness to focus on different parts of your body. When you find something like tension or numbness, slow down and focus on breathing. Stay with it for as long as necessary until you Afeel the energy move.

We'll practice a bit of this in today's video. Join me.