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Allow Imperfection

EP 75 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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Meditating outdoors in nature is a magical way to connect with the bigger energies while connecting with yourself. It can be a beautiful experience. I do it all the time in Sedona and gorgeous places around the desert southwest.

It can also be fraught with annoyances. Bugs, wind, noises, uncomfortable seating, and so much more. Just like life. So much beauty and also so much chaos.

The challenge is how to find peace amidst the chaos.

The ego mind wants you to believe that everything has to be perfect and then you can find peace. But that will never, ever happen. When has it ever happened for you?

Instead, recognize and accept that things are less than perfect. There
are noisy airplanes flying overhead. The bugs want to get into your ears and nose. The temperature is too hot or too cold. SOMEthing is bound to be less than perfect.

The only way that I know to deal with this is to accept it. Let the noises and bugs be there - bless them, if you're able. Let these things fade into the background. Keep your focus on what feels GOOD, come back to your breath, or whatever your focus is, and let your awareness find comfort there.

It is possible and with practice, it's actually quite easy. Sure, the bugs will still be there - but you won't be as bothered by them. This is the essence of finding inner peace. Being at peace with the world around you - especially when it isn't behaving the way your ego mind would like it to.