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Sunset Meditation Ritual

EP 66 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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Do you have a favorite time of day to meditate? There’s no right or wrong answer. ANY time is a good time to meditate and that’s going to be different for each of us.

Meditation can fit into your schedule and lifestyle. Have a houseful of people? Maybe getting up before everyone and taking 15 minutes to meditate will give you the privacy you need. Is your day full of busy-ness? Perhaps taking part of your lunch break for aquick 10 minute meditation will work for you.

Many people tell me that they meditate at night when they’re laying in bed. This is not the best time to meditate. It’s not wrong. But waiting until you’re tired and laying in bed is a better way to fall asleep than to meditate. They are different things. Don't use your meditation time as falling asleep time.

My favorite time of day to meditate is sunset. I’m not much of an early morning person so sunrise is not a very practical time for me to meditate. But sunset is my sweet meditation time. Something about it helps me to have deeper meditations.

Of course sunsets in Sedona are absolutely stunning! The soft light and long shadows make the beautiful red rocks even more outrageous.

And it’s the in-between time when the day is winding down and the night is coming on. There is something magical and beguiling about this time. The last flight of the ravens and the sweet chirps of the crickets come together for a few moments.

In today's Sedona Meditation Adventure, I share with you a sweet sunset meditation ritual to help you reflect on your day with gratitude and peace. Enjoy!