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Make Time for Peace

EP 65 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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If you’re like me, then you are very good at coming up withideas and a little less good at taking the tangible steps to turn the ideas into reality. 

Change requires both. Yes, you must be able to dream and envision the change you want to see. AND you must be able to take tangible and regular steps towards making that dream a reality. If all it took were dreams then change would be super easy – at least for some of us. 

It is the same with inner peace. It is a lovely dream to see yourself (andothers) peaceful and calm within. No anxiety. No negative self-talk. No tense muscles. Peace that flows with grace and ease through your mind, emotions, your body and your spirit. Peace that connects you to the world around you in an intuitive and easy way. 

Then the alarm goes off, waking you from your dream and throwing you back into your busy routine where it’s one thing after another as you struggle to keep up with the demands of your day. 

My friend, if you want inner peace then you must make time for it. Like anything else, when you prioritize peace, you find ways to carve out bits of time in your day for it. It’s not going to happen on its own. You have to make the time for peace. 

One of the reasons I chose to make Sedona my home when I was in my twenties is because I wanted to build my life around my core values which include inner peace. For me, that means being close to nature and having quick access to hiking trails.  That way, when I feel fried from working on the computer all day, I can easily STOP and get out into nature where I can reconnect and recharge. 

Even if it’s for just five minutes, that time helps me to put my values into practice – to disrupt the mental headspace that our modern world tends to keep us in and get back into my heartspace. I make time for peace. 

The dream shows you how it can be – how your heart would like it to be. Your choices help you to take steps in that direction. The steps lead to new habits. And the new habits define your reality. 

Make time for peace. Join me now – make time for a short meditation.