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Summertime Meditation

Episode 81 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Series

· healing meditation,new moon,guided meditation

It's summer time, friend! And that means slowing down and enjoying. Here in Arizona, it's too hot to move fast. And it's the slow season in Sedona - all the more reason to take it easy.


I remember the feeling of summer break as a kid. The entire summer spread out before me like a dreamy landscape of bike rides with friends, days at the swimming pool, and long walks in the woods. What do you remember about your childhood summers?


I invite you to find that magical feeling of a summer full of possibilities within you. Sure, there are plenty of problems in the world. What good does it do to be sad and stressed? Relax your body, let your mind settle down, and get into a fun summertime mindset.


I'd also like to invite you to join me for a meditation workshop in Sedona this summer. It's something new I'm offering to take advantage of the slow season. I have a series of day-long meditation workshops that feature a host of activities, practices, and teachings. Each workshop has a different focus so you can attend again and again and get something new.