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Free as a Bird

EP 79 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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Meditation is freedom. Like a bird flying in the sky, meditation puts you in touch with the freedom within your being so that you, too, can soar.


It does this by freeing you from your busy, thinking mind. In meditation, you remove your awareness from the thinking mind and place it on a deeper, truer part of your self. Free of the pesky thoughts that drag your energy down, you can tap into the joy and freedom that live in your heart of hearts.


In this Sedona Meditation Adventure, I’m not in Sedona at all. I took a trip to Whitewater Draw which is in the southeast corner of Arizona. It’s a spot where sandhill cranes spend their winter and it’s a birdwatching paradise.


What a treat to spend time with these giant birds! They make the most amazing sounds with their long necks and you can hear them in the video. Meditating against this background sound was magical.


The cranes stick around until late February / early March. If you come to Arizona in the winter, it’s definitely worth the drive to see them. I made a day trip of it from Tucson, stopping at Tombstone for lunch and a look around before driving to Whitewater Draw for sunset and the cranes.


The Arizona Game and Fish Department has a live web cam that lets you see the cranes here:


If you love nature, then get out there and show her your love. Meditating is a great way to spend time in nature. Bring your whole self to it and show Mother Earth your appreciation. You can start with today’s video and meditate with me now.


Special thanks to Chad Bush for the photos used in the video.