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Meditation and Intuition

EP 80 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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Are you in touch with your intuition?


Notice that I'm not asking IF you're intuitve because I know that you already are. Humans are intuitive.


But not all humans are in touch with their intuition, or even think that it is possible to be. So trained have we been to believe that intuition is just make-believe - not something that serious adults imbibe in.


Getting in touch with this lost ability can seem silly, childish, or even delusional. It can create fear and anger in those who have repressed it most of their lives. Many of us carry ancestral fears that tapping into intuition could be labeled as "witchy" and lead to punishment and even death.


But intuition is a gift not to be feared but celebrated. It is how we communicate with the spirit world. That communication can be from our own wise and loving ancestors, animal and spirit guides, guardian angels, and more.


We might not know the source of the information but we can feel the truth of it when it comes through us. It can be a happy sensation in your heart, a beautiful image or a knowingness.


Meditation is a wonderful tool to help you get in touch with your own intuition. In today's video, I share three ways that meditation can help you develop your intuition. Enjoy!