• Meditation Programs

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    Make Meaningful Change

    4 Weeks of Meditation & Awareness Practices

    If you are ready to commit to your meditation practice, this is the program for you. Our month-long program is perfect for anyone who has experienced meditation and wants to build a practice. It's also great for folks who enjoy the guidance and support of meditating with Michele. Learn more and book your spot here.





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    Ignite the Meditation Fire

    3 Coaching Sessions

    This option is perfect for when you need to:

    • Reboot your side-tracked meditation practice and get back in the groove.
    • Tune in to your inner guidance for insight and support with a challenge or issue that's up for you.
    • Infuse your practice with new skills and understanding to take your practice to the next level.
    • Sit with a kind professional to discuss where you are with your practice and how to take it deeper.

    We will work via Zoom unless you are in Sedona (in which case we can meet in person, outdoors). A bundle of three 45-minute sessions that can be spread out over days or weeks.


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    Meditate & Manifest with the Moon

    4 Weeks Meditating with the Moon

    This option is right for you if you need structure to establish your meditation practice and/or you want to focus your meditation on personal and spiritual growth.


    In this 4-week package, you will experience the simple power that comes from aligning your heart-felt intentions with the phases of the lunar cycle and using meditation and other awareness practices to bring your heart's desires into fruition.


    Learn to apply mindfulness to recognize limiting beliefs when they creep in and use powerful tools to release them. Together we will celebrate your successes, work through your challenges, and honor your acquired wisdom as you learn to navigate your cycles of personal and spiritual growth.

    • 4 hour-long sessions
    • Access to bonus live meditations
    • Access to the online Meditation Garden of dozens of meditation recordings
    • Email and text support
    • $395


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    Radiant and Wise - Meditating with the Chakras

    8 Week Deep Dive into Chakras & Meditation

    If you could use some support in your meditation practice and you'd like to explore new techniques while learning about the chakras, then this 8-week package is a great option.


    Each chakra embodies physical, emotional, and spiritual attributes and meditation is a wonderful tool for exploring them. Get to know more about your specific energetic patterns and techniques to untangle the messy ones and how to enhance the already well ones.


    This package will help you establish a solid meditation practice while bringing more wellness and vitality to your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

    • 8 seventy-five minute sessions
    • Admission to bonus live meditations
    • Access to the online Meditation Garden of dozens of meditation recordings
    • Email and text support
    • $950