• Make Meaningful Change

    A month-long journey into meditation to jump-start your practice.

  • Yes, You Can Meditate

    The Fast Track to Inner Peace

    Meditation Made Easy

    Have you been wanting to be more regular with your meditation practice but can't seem to find your groove? You know how beneficial meditation is and you truly want to bring that goodness into your daily routine - but how? It's hard enough to find the time to meditate but then sitting alone with your wild mind and continually peeking at the timer every few seconds can leave you wondering "what am I doing wrong?"


    Instead of getting frustrated and giving up on your good intentions, why not make it easy on yourself? You can meditate - it's built in to all of us. But going it alone is never easy. Meaningful change takes commitment and consistency and is so much easier when you have community, support, and guidance.

    If Not Now, When?

    Really, what are you waiting for? There's never going to be better time than right now to get going (or restart) your meditation practice. Meditation is meant to be part of your daily routine - not just something you do once in a while. Meditation works. We are living in incredibly stressful times. Finding your way to inner peace and then taking the time to bask in that peace each day is essential for for anyone who values living a peaceful, heart-centered life with access to spiritual guidance.


    It's hard to be your most loving and spiritual self when you're being strangled by stress. Meditation has been shown to relieve stress from your nervous system. That helps your body relax so that energy can flow more freely. It helps your emotions calm down. And it helps you plug in to your spiritual self so you can flow with peace instead of react from stress.


    You and your loved ones deserve to get the YOU that is fully present and heart-centered. The world needs you to find and shine your light - to be the solution instead of adding to the negativity.


    We Can Help

    Make Meaningful Change is a month-long program that will help you establish and deepen your meditation practice. It will assist you in carving out time in your day dedicated to meditation, experimenting so you can find what really works for you, and enjoying the power of community and the guidance of caring professional. It is designed for those new to meditation and want to learn more and build a routine and also for those who enjoy group meditations led by Michele.


    Each month will center around a different theme that will guide the teachings and the flavor of the meditations. Themes include: Stress Reduction, Accessing Intuition, Goal-Setting, Communing with Nature, Emotional Fluidity, and many more.


    The program includes:

    • Opening ceremony to kick off the month on a powerful note.
    • Twice weekly meditation sessions (total of 8 sessions) 20-minutes each.
    • 2 monthly sessions (total of 2 sessions) 45-minutes each.
    • Access to our Meditation Garden containing dozens of guided meditations.
    • Text and email support.
    • Closing ceremony to send you on your way with confidence and love.

    The cost of the month-long program is $97.



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