• Sedona Summer 2024

    Meditation Workshop Series

    Have fun and learn new ways to bring more peace,

    connection, and awareness into your life.

  • Mindful Workshops to Inspire and Delight

    Join us this summer for a mindfully inspired dive into meditation and awreness practices. Whether you're new or a seasoned meditator, you'll find new ways to deepen and broaden your meditation and awareness practices.


    Each workshop will be packed with insightful teachings, hands-on practices, connection, and lots of heart. Each will be a bit different from the others. We'll do things like:

    • Meditate by the creek.
    • Greet the day and set intentions.
    • Enjoy an earthy cacao ceremony.
    • Immerse in a crystal bowl sound bath.
    • Moving meditation to walk a labyrinth.
    • Ask for and receive guidance from your guides.
    • Full moon meditation.
    • Mindful art projects that tap into your intuition.

    Come prepared to do a bit of easy hiking, being outdoors for stretches of time, being indoors when it becomes too hot, and maybe even enjoying a full moon meditation or sound bath under the stars when the air is cool.


    When: See dates below.

    Time: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with a 2 hour lunch break between 11:00 - 1:00.

    Where: Sedona Meditation Experiences - 230 Sunset Dr, Sedona, AZ.

    Cost: $295


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    June Workshops

    Saturday, June 22, Listen to Your Heart. In the energy of the summer solstice and full moon, we will listen - really listen - to your heart. What does your heart want to share with you? The focus will be on listening, releasing the old, and cultivating a deep and lasting joy in your heart. Participants are welcome to join me for the Full Moon Meditation experience happening Friday, June 21, at 8:00 pm. Book here.


    Sunday, June 23, Ancestral Healing. Full Moon energies will be strong on the heels of the summer solstice. A time when the veil is thin and it's easier to connect with the spiritual world. Ancestors is the theme of this workshop. We'll explore how meditation is useful for working with your wise and kind ancestors. In a more general way, we will explore spirit guides and how you can connect with and work with yours. Book here.


    July Workshops

    Sunday, July 7, Meditation Writing Workshop. For anyone who enjoys writing. We'll focus on accessing creativity and using meditation/awareness practices to seek insight and inspiration then use writing to capture in words what you're shown within. We will explore mindful walking in nature. Book here.


    Saturday, July 13, Introduction to Meditation for Stress Relief. Learn some of the science behind how meditation relieves the nervous system of stress. Perfect for those new to meditation, those with anxiety and/or stress-related health issues. You'll learn various ways to meditate and tips for bringing this powerful practice into your life. Book here.


    Sunday, July 14, Meditation for Healing. You'll learn how you can use the meditative state of consciousness to explore your emotions. This is useful for deepening your own self-awareness AND for releasing stuck emotional energy. We will also explore how you can send a blessing to others - people, pets, wildlife, and more. Enjoy a mediation sound bath. Book here.


    Sunday, July 21, Meditation and Animism. On this full moon, explore how the meditative state of mind can be used to help you connect with other-than-humans - plants, animals, rocks, the moon, and more. Earth is alive and we are blessed with intuition that allows us to connect with all life. Learn how to ask for and recieve wisdom and insight from plants, animals, and more. Workshop attendees are welcome to join in on the Full Moon Meditation experience Sunday night at 8:00. Book here.


    August Workshops

    Sunday, August 4, A Day Unplugged in Peace. On this new moon, we will explore the silence. Unplug from your gadgets for the day and sink into peaceful meditation. We'll start with a new moon meditation and then learn techniques for simply being in silence and meditations that are useful to turn down the volume on the inquisitive mind. We will also explore walking meditation in nature and enjoy a sound bath. Book here.


    Monday, August 5, Meditation, Arts & Crafts. Get creative in this workshop as we use meditation to inspire the creation of a vision board to guide you towards you next dream. We'll use intention to create neural doodles and explore various crafts that lend themselves to nature, mindfulness, and meditation. Book here.




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