• Loving Kindness Meditation Experience

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  • Sow Seeds of Love & Kindness

    What We'll Do

    Do you ever feel you want to do something - ANYTHING - to make the world more loving? Practicing love and compassion and directing it to those you care about, people in your community, and all beings everywhere - yourself included - is one way that meditators can help create peace in the world.
    In this 90-minute Loving Kindness Meditation experience, you will learn about this ancient and powerful meditation technique. There are many ways to do a loving kindness meditation and I will share with you what I have discovered works best. This experience is great for anyone with an interest in meditation - newbies, daily meditators, and everyone in between.
    Sitting amongst the glorious Sedona scenery and powerful energy, we will begin with a grounding exercise which will help you to anchor your energy and be more fully embodied for our experience. I will share with you a few guidelines designed to help you meditate better and deepen you understanding.
    You will be guided through a 25-40 minute loving kindness meditation (the duration is flexible according to your experience and comfort) which will allow you to practice what you've learned and help sow the seeds of peace in yourself, your family and friends, and the whole world.
    You will enjoy the experience of sitting with a kind and caring meditation teacher who will help broaden and deepen your understanding and lovingly guide you through a very special meditation while holding space for you. It is the meditation experience of a lifetime!

    Know Before You Go

    • This is an outdoor experience, in nature.
    • Total time is 90-minutes, approximately 25 minutes of meditation plus discussion and instruction. If you'd like a longer meditation and less discussion, just let us know.
    • This is for ages 18+ If you have people under 18 years of age in your group, contact us to discuss the best approach. There are no age restrictions for private sessions.
    • Some (5-10) walking on an easy hiking trail.
    • If you are in a wheelchair or need assistance walking, please let us know at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • Assistance pets are allowed provided they can sit still and be quiet for the duration of the experience.

    What's Included:

    • Zafu meditation cushion (or chair if you prefer)
    • Blanket for when it's cold


    What to Bring:

    You do not need to bring anything. You may want to bring the following

    • Sun protection (hat, long sleeves, sunblock)
    • Water
    • Footwear suitable for a 5-10 walk on an easy hiking trail


    For a spot in a group experience:

    • Single: $125
    • Couple: $180 for both
    • 3+ people in your group: $75 per person

    Pricing for a private experience for yourself or your group begins at $200.