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  • Honor the Holiday with Awareness

    What We'll Do

    Equinoxes, solstices, earth day, mother's day, and so many more - each holiday offers an opportunity to honor and celebrate an aspect of your experience. What better way to do this than with awareness, peace, and community.


    Join us for a special meditation ritual designed to help you slow down, get out of your busy mind, and come into alignment with the spirit of the season and the holiday.


    These experiences are perfect for learning more about meditation (they are suitable for all experience levels), getting to a meditative state of peaceful awareness, accessing your inner wisdom, and honoring the holiday.


    Depending on the holiday, we will do things like:

    * Get grounded and clear your energy field.

    * Get in touch with and set your intention.

    * Meditate. Each holiday will feature a special meditation to help you find the peace within, tap into your intuition, and open to insights and wisdom that may come to you.

    * Explore the ancient significance of the holiday and how our ancestors may have celebrated it.

    * Burn incense, work with crystals, do tarot and other rituals to honor the spirit of the holiday.

    * Enjoy a sound healing.

    * Honor your wise and loving ancestors.



    2024 Dates


    January 15 - Martin Luther King & Civil Rights Day. Honoring diversity and inclusivity.

    February 1 - Imbolc (Candlemas). Midway between winter & spring. Honoring the beginning stirrings of spring.

    February 14 - Valentine's Day. Honoring love and the beloved. All are welcome.

    March 17 - St Patrick's Day. Honoring the Irish, the ancestors, and all things magical.

    March 19 - Spring Equinox. Honoring balance and new energy emerging.

    March 31 - Easter. Honoring rebirth and Christ consciousness.

    April 22 - Earth Day. Honoring our sacred earth and all life.

    April 26 - Arbor Day. Honoring trees and all they offer.

    May 1 - Beltane. Midway between spring & summer. Honoring the energy of spring.

    May 12 - Mother's Day. Honoring the Mother, our grandmother ancestors, and motherhood.

    June 16 - Father's Day. Honoring the Father, our grandfather ancestors, and fatherhood.

    June 20 - Summer Solstice. Honoring the longest day of light and abundance.

    July 4 - Independence Day. Honoring freedom and true independence.

    Aug 1 - Litha (Lammas). Honoring the harvest, midway between summer and fall.

    Sept 21 - International Day of Peace. Honoring and practicing peace.

    Sept 22 - Autumn Equinox. Honoring balance and the coming darkness.

    Oct 31 - Samhain (Halloween). Honoring our ancestors. Midway between autumn & winter.

    Nov 28 - Thanksgiving Day. Practicing gratitude for our many blessings.

    Dec 21 - Winter Solstice. Honoring the longest night.

    Dec 25 - Christmas. Honoring the inner child.

    Dec 31 - New Year's Eve. Honoring the year we are ending.


    The location will be at a powerful spot outdoors in Sedona. Details will be sent to you once you are registered. Some of these holidays may also include a Zoom/online experience for those not able to join us in Sedona.

    Know Before You Go

    • This is an outdoor experience, in nature.
    • Total time is 90-minutes, approximately 25 minutes of meditation plus discussion and instruction. If you'd like a longer meditation and less discussion, just let us know.
    • This is for ages 18+ If you have people under 18 years of age in your group, contact us to discuss the best approach. There are no age restrictions for private sessions.
    • Some short (5-10 minutes) walking on an easy trail MAY be required - it depends on the location which varies for this experience.
    • If you are in a wheelchair or need assistance walking, please let us know at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • Assistance pets are allowed provided they can sit still and be quiet for the duration of the experience.

    What's Included:

    • Zafu meditation cushion (or chair if you prefer)
    • Blanket for when it's cold


    What to Bring:

    You do not need to bring anything. You may want to bring the following

    • Warm clothes - it gets chilly when the sun sets, even in the summer
    • Water
    • Footwear suitable for a 5-10 walk on an easy hiking trail


    For a spot in an in-person Sedona group experience:

    • Single: $125
    • Couple: $90 per person
    • 3 people in your group: $80per person

    Pricing for a private experience begins at $200.