• Many Thanks for Joining Me for the Chakra Balancing Meditation Experience!

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  • I love to meditate! And I also love sharing my passion with others, like you. I'm glad we were able to meditate together in Sedona and I hope our experience left you with the tools and motivation to start your own daily practice. If you haven't already done so, I invite you to leave a review of the experience - it REALLY helps me build my small business:

    The 5 Essentials of Meditation:

    1. It's OK to have thoughts.
    2. Be kind to yourself.
    3. Don't try too hard.
    4. Let go of expectations.
    5. Stick with it!

    Below are 2 guided meditations: 20-minute Chakra meditation. Further down is a 15-minute breath awareness guided meditation. These should be nice additions to your collection of guided meditations. I hope you remember our time in Sedona as you meditate with them.


    If you are coming back to Sedona, I invite you to work with me one-on-one in a private Meditation Retreat. It's the perfect way to deepen your meditation skills and/or to work on any challenges to your practice.



    15-Minute Breath Awareness Meditation

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