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  • Ancient Knowledge of the Energy Body

    What We'll Do

    Chakras are a fantastic model for envisioning the flow of energy through your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Perhaps you've worked with them in a yoga class or seen drawings of them superimposed over the human body, or maybe you know nothing at all about chakras. If you are curious to learn more, then this 90-minute experience is perfect for you.
    Seated among the picturesque red rocks and immersed in the Sedona energy, you will learn about each of the seven chakras, the parts of the body they govern, and their emotional and spiritual significance. I will guide you through a mindfulness activity to help attune you to Sedona and set your intention for your meditation. We will talk about the 5 essentials of meditation to give you tips and tools for meditating better.
    Consciously working with the chakras during meditation helps you to strengthen your mind-body awareness, open up any blockages in your energy field, and deepen your meditation practice. I will guide you through a 25-minute chakra meditation so you can practice what you've learned.
    Imagine how special your meditation will be surrounded by the red rocks and the gentle sounds of nature with a caring and kind professional guiding and holding space for you.

    Know Before You Go

    • This is an outdoor experience, in nature.
    • Total time is 90-minutes, approximately 25 minutes of meditation plus discussion and instruction.
    • This is for ages 18+ If you have people under 18 years of age in your group, contact us to discuss the best approach. There are no age restrictions for private sessions.
    • Some (5-10) walking on an easy hiking trail.
    • If you are in a wheelchair or need assistance walking, please let us know at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • Assistance pets are allowed provided they can sit still and be quiet for the duration of the experience.

    What's Included:

    • Zafu meditation cushion (or chair if you prefer)
    • Blanket for when it's cold


    What to Bring:

    You do not need to bring anything. You may want to bring the following

    • Sun protection (hat, long sleeves, sunblock)
    • Water
    • Footwear suitable for a 5-10 walk on an easy hiking trail


    For a spot in a group experience:

    • Single: $125
    • Couple: $180 for both
    • 3+ people in your group: $75 per person

    Pricing for a private experience for yourself or your group begins at $200.