Thank you for Joining me for an Ancestral Healing Meditation Experience

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    The 5 Essentials of Meditation:

    1. It's OK to have thoughts.
    2. Be kind to yourself.
    3. Don't try too hard.
    4. Let go of expectations.
    5. Stick with it!

    Scroll down for a recording of the ancestral healing meditation I guided you through in Sedona.


    Ancestral Healing and Lineage Repair

    I offer one-on-one ancestral healing and lineage repair sessions in person (in Sedona) and via Zoom. I guide you through:

    • Identifying which of your blood lineages to work with.
    • Establishing clear energetic boundaries with the recent dead on your lineages.
    • Connecting with an ancestral guide.
    • Bringing wellness to the entire lineage.

      You can learn more about the process and how to work with me by visiting my website www.InnerExperiences.com.


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