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Transform Your Frustration

EP 59 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

· Meditation Video

When life delivers you a bunch of frustration, perhaps what it's really doing is inviting you to transform it.  For yourself and for the world around you.

There is no shortage of frustrating situations in life.  For me, it is often the noise level.  When I want to listen to the birds, I'm instead hearing a power tool.  The gentle sound of the breeze is overwhelmed by airplanes.  And so on.

Sure, you can let these types of frustrations sour your mood and perhaps ruin your day.  But what good will that do?   You'll just add to the cumulative negativity that's rampant in the world these days.

Instead of giving in to the frustration, how about transforming it?  In today's Sedona Meditation Adventure video, I do just that.  Watch (and join) me go from frustrated to calm with just a few minutes of mindful meditation practice.  Instead of spewing the frustration, you can become a generator of peace and harmony.  And let THAT be what you transmit into the world around you.

Give it a try.  It certainly beats being in a bad mood all day.