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Ancestral Healing

EP 60 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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One of the things I love about meditation is the inner place it takes me.  It's a beautiful place of calm inner listening and feeling.  This inner place is the perfect foundation for doing inner healing work.

When I was introduced to Dr. Daniel Foor's ancestral healing work, I was immediately attracted to the inner experience of it.  Three years later and I am still deeply moved by this work.  So much so that I am now two-thirds of the way through my ancestral healing practitioner training.  (I am offering sessions on a donation basis through June, 2022.)

Ancestral healing is many things.  First and foremost, it is the process of connecting and coming into communication with your loving ancestors.  Think of the ancestors as the spirit that flows through your lineages - each one of whom lived a human life and continues to live on in spirit.


Dreaming about a relative you knew and loved when they were alive, remembering family by visiting their grave or honoring an heirloom they passed on to you, or feeling the presence of a dead relative are just a few of the ways that you may sense the presence of your loved ones in spirit.

Ideally, when it is our turn to shed the earthly coil we will be met by our wise, loving ancestors to welcome us home.   Ancestral healing work helps you to connect to your wisest and most vibrant ancestors (usually much older than the ones we knew in this life  or even know the names of) and to initiate healing for any on your lineage who are less than well in spirit.  The healing is done by the ancestors themselves but it often needs to be initiated by the living - by you.

Through the process of reconnecting and healing the lineage, you discover quite a bit about your people and the habits and traits that flow through the lineage that you also embody.  This can be a profound experience of discovery, homecoming, and healing.  

Ancestral healing is systemic.  It definitely benefits you - AND it benefits the entire lineage - from the recent dead, all the way back to the ancient and wise ones and all the way forward to your living merelatives on the lineage.  This work can transform you, your relationship to your family, and your entire family - dead and living.  

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