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Tap in to Your Intuition

EP 61 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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Are you intuitive?  Ofcourse you are! Intuition is built intous. The tricky part is being aware of how your intuition speaks to you.  

Another one of the things that I love about meditation isthat it helps me to get in touch with my intuition. Our inner world can seem filled with debrisfrom the storms that blow through us and stir up the nervous system. It’s hard to see with any clarity when there areall sorts of debris in the air. 

Meditation helps to settle the inner debris. As it settles, you can see the inner landscape with more clarity, hear its sounds without the static, and feel the nuanced emotions moving through you. The intuition is in these quiet, still places within. 

It’s like looking for the first sign of spring. If the environment is too noisy with engines or too polluted with trash, or too smelly with smoke then it’s going to be very difficult to hear the sweet sounds of birds preparing to mate, or see the gentle new growth poking out from the earth, or to catch the first scent of spring in the air.  

Meditation helps you to clear the inner environment of debrisso you can get to the still, quite place where you can explore yourintuition. It can communicate with you anumber of ways: 

- Inner vision – you catch a glimpse of an imageor see a scene play out in your mind’s eye. 

- Somatically – you feel it in your body astingly, pressure, or gentle movement. 

- Emotionally – you feel happy, sad, elated, response to a query. 

- Inner hearing – you hear words or sounds. 

- Knowningness – you get the information as an inner knowingness.   

Part of the journey is discovering how your intuition speaks to you and how to distinguish it from your ego mind. 

If you believe yourself to NOT be intuitive, then I hate todisappoint you but you are. You may needto take a little time to get your meditation groove on and let things settledown in there. From that settled place,you can begin to explore your intuition.   

The ancestral healing work that I am now offering is a greatway to get in touch with your intuition. You can learn more about this work I’m offering at 

In today’s Sedona Meditation Experience, I offer a short meditation technique to help you tune in and listen to your intuition. It’s easy and I hope you’ll join me.