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Magical Meditations: Visit from Beyond

EP 62 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

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“Is this normal?” 

As a meditation coach, I am asked this regularly. Some people see colors when meditating,others feel strange sensations in their body. Many folks go into a deep state of peace that can feel strange and evena bit unsettling. 

And many have visions. Not necessarily prophetic visions of the end of times but rather visionsof family, friends, places,  

Yes, these kinds of things are totally normal inmeditation. We are multi-dimensionalbeings and often, during meditation, we tap into parts of ourselves that we don’tget to in our everyday lives.  

Though it’s not the point to have psychic and metaphysicalexperiences, these things can and often do occur with regular meditation practice.  

In today’s Sedona Meditation Adventure video, I share withyou one such experience that I had several years ago. It was in the form a vision, or a visit frombeyond, when I was deep in a meditation. Though I didn’t know it at the time, it was a harbinger for the work Iwould come to do with ancestral healing several years later.  

How about you? Haveyou had any magical meditation experiences that you’d like to share in thecomments? And YES!  They are 100% normal!