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Create from the Void

EP 63 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

· Meditation Video

I was snorkeling along the coral reefs of Belize when Ifound myself on the edge of the world. On one side was the colorful coral reef with theclicking sounds and movement of sea life. On the other side was oblivion – a shear drop-off into the unseeable depths of the ocean. I could see wherethe light’s rays vanished into the dark depths.

It freaked me out. Ihad never experienced anything like it before and the immensity of the seeming void was a bit more than I wanted to experience.

Fast forward a few years to me as a meditator adept at navigatingthe deep waters of my consciousness. Even so, the first few times I entered the void – a name given to thedeep state of relaxation that can come from meditation practice where you lose track of yourself for a few moments – I was again freaked out, as if I’d snorkeled beyond the edge of the coral reef in my consciousness.

After working with a meditation teacher and learning thatthe void is a known state that can be encountered in meditation, I was able to ease into these deep waters without fear. Instead, I learned that the void is a deeply relaxing and nourishingstate to experience.

The void is a state of consciousness where you are so deeplyrelaxed that you are doing nothing. Nottrying to refocus your mind. Not workingwith your intuition. Not DOING anything. You are simply being. It is pure consciousness unencumbered by thethoughts, sounds, and things that define your worldly experience.

It is an extremely creative space. Not because you have insights and downloads but because simply being in this nourishing state does something to the
consciousness. It blows the dust offyour soul and opens you up to the spirit of creativity.

I’ve been struggling these past few weeks – what with the Supreme Court making outrageously partisan rulings that not only defy the will of the majority but also common sense, morality, and decency. I don’t like what’s happening to my country or to the world and it’s easy to get lost in the emotional drowning of it all. What can I do? It can feel futile.

And it’s times like these that I have learned to take my concerns to my ancestors – my team of wise and kind spirit guides – to seek their comfort and wisdom. What they shared with me is whatI share with you this week, “Create from the void.”

It can be a radical act to give yourself the time to deeply explore your own inner terrain. Sometimes that exploration is less about doing and more about simply being. Create from the place of surrender, of simply being in the deepest parts of your own sacred awareness. Let the infinite creativity and nurturing energy of the void infuse your being and see how creativity moves through you.

In this week’s video, I share with you more about the void and how you can tap into this inner resource for ultimate comfort and creativity. Join me – let us seek solace within together.