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Prioritize Inner Peace

Episode 51 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

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Do you enjoy meditation but struggle to make it part of your daily routine?  You're not alone.  Meditation feels good and the list of scientifically backed benefits proves that it is, in fact, good for us.

So why is it so hard to get a practice going?

One of the big reasons is because we are social beings.  We do better when we share experiences together, in groups.  Meditation isn't really something you may think of as social.  There's no chit-chatting involved.  But simply BEING with others and sharing in meditation together IS social.  

Before Covid, I would advise new meditators to look for a group to meditate with.  Not only does it satisfy the need to be social, it also puts it on your schedule and that has a way of making it more real.  With Covid, however, this advice is not valid.  Unless you have a group that meets outdoors and you feel safe, you don't want your wellness routine to put you at risk of Covid. Another option that is Covid-friendly is to try out the meditation apps.  There are many to choose from and many of them are great in the their variety of curated and professional guided meditations.  It feels like you're not alone when you have a guide leading you through a meditation.  And some of the apps show you how many other meditators are tuned in so you can meditate together but alone.

If you're still not able to get into your meditation groove, consider working with me as your meditation coach.  I have created a couple of package programs that allow us to work together for a few weeks:

1)  The Moon Meditation Package - a 4 week package to learn more about meditation AND the lunar cycle to help you stay on track with your personal/spiritual growth in coordination with the phases of the moon.

2) The Vibrant Chakras Package - an 8 week deep dive into your chakras and meditation.  You'll learn all about the chakras - their physical and emotional qualities - and awareness practices to help bring balance to each chakra.

You can learn more about my coaching packages here:

It takes effort to divert the status quo and create a new routine in your life.  But you don't have to do it all by yourself.  You have Soptions, my friend, and I"m one of them.