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Meditate with Nature's Cycles

Episode 50 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

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Want to make progress on your spiritual and personal intentions?  Get into rhythm with nature.

Seasons, lunar cycles, sunrise/sunset, even your own breath - nature provides us with cycles that our bodies and DNA are attuned to.  Getting yourself back into rhythm with these cycles gives you extra oomph.

As we move through the northern hemisphere autumn, it is a time to reflect on what you've created this year.  As summer winds down and nature begins to prepare for rest, we are wise to follow her lead.

Meditating in nature and intentionally grounding yourself in the energy of the season is a great way bring yourself more into rhythm with the seasonal cycle.

Find a beautiful spot - maybe near a tree changing colors - and come into rhythm with your own breath.  Let it ground  you in the moment.

In today's Sedona Meditaiton Adventure, I guide you through a short meditation to help you do just this.

the lunar cycle is one of  nature's rhythms and is a great way to get aligned.  Join me this month - beginning Nov 3 -  for moon meditations.  You can learn more at