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Moon Meditations

Episode 49 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

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When you work in harmony with nature, you have the full power of ancient rhythms and systems assisting you.An example of this is working with the lunar cycle.  This 28-day cycle begins with the new moon – that time when there is no moon to see in the sky because she is fully in the shadow of the earth.  

Then, each night, the moon grows.  At first the tiniest sliver of a crescent and then growing into a half-moon (known as the 1st quarter phase of the moon) and continuing to grow each night until the moon is gloriously full.  After the full moon, she begins to shrink again until she is a half-moon (3rd quarter) and then the cycle slowly ends only to begin anew.

This ancient cycle has been used by our ancestors for millennia to help manifest the heart’s desires and to work with awareness and intention on one's spiritual growth.

The new moon is the time to envision and feel what it is in your heart and ready to be born.  This is when you plant the seeds that you will nurture during the ensuing lunar cycle.  Meditation is the perfect tool for helping you get into the envisioning state of mind and attuned to the heart so you can hear its wishes.

By the time the full moon rolls around, the light of the glorious moon illuminates your growth.  It is a time to celebrate AND a time to release what no longer serves you.  

Working in harmony with the cycles of nature and the moon are a great way to supercharge your own spiritual growth.  This ancient rhythm is yours to reclaim.

I guide folks through full moon meditation experiences in Sedona every month on the full moon.  Now I am happy to share a new ONLINE offering so that you can learn to harness this energy for your growth and the manifestation of your heart's desires.

In this video, I’ll share with you my new offering for November, 2021.  It is a New Moon Meditation ritual and gathering online.  I’ll guide you  through the process of tuning in to your heart’s truest desires and envisioning what you will be focusing your energy on for the upcoming lunar cycle.