• Meditation Coaching

    Meditation, mindfulness, and ritual to help you meet your goals

    Focused Meditation Coaching

    Customized guided meditation sessions in bundles of 3 sessions

    Meditation, education, and awareness exercises custom tailored for you. Ideal for re-aligning your meditation practice, improving your sleep, managing stress and anxiety, deepening your inner awareness, and letting go of old, limiting behaviors.


    We work via Zoom unless you are in Sedona (in which case we can meet in person, outdoors). A bundle of three 45-minute sessions can be spread out over days or weeks.


    Contact us for pricing.

    Ongoing Meditation Support

    Keep your meditation practice thriving

    Meditating alone can be challenging, especially when you're just getting started, or you're re-starting a practice that fell to the wayside. We offer ongoing meditation coaching support to:

    • Hold space for you to facilitate deep meditation
    • Guide you through meditation and awareness practices
    • Provide leadership to help you improve your practice
    • Deepen your understanding and experience of meditation
    Ongoing support is offered in 3-month sessions, meeting for 30-minutes per session. You choose how many sessions per week.
    Contact us for pricing.
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