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Episode 29 - Meditation to Go Within

How to Weather the Drought

· Meditation Video

When times are difficult, that’s the time to go within – to get as close to your core essence as possible. Seeking comfort in the depths of your truest self is the best form of self-nurturing. Meditation offers you a safe port in the storm.

Nature behaves this way, too. Cactus, like the prickly pear cactus featured in this week’s video, are specially equipped to weather drought. Their flesh is able to hold water. It swells to store water during wet times and it shrinks when water is unavailable.

Pulling your energy in and staying close to your core can mean that you have no energy to spend on people or ideas that go against your core truth.

Maybe you’ve experienced this during the stressful challenges of 2020. Have you cleaned up your Facebook feed to get rid of posts and contacts that spew beliefs you simply can’t handle anymore? Watching less news because it grates your nerves?

When you feel this way, step away from the noise and GO WITHIN. Meditation can help you find peace, calm, and sanity when the world seems to be in chaos. Just like the cactus, let yourself get down to what’s real and you’ll find inner reserves that will help you weather the drought and replenish your battered self.