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Episode 28 - Ease Election Stress with Meditation

A Technique for Stopping Obsessive and Anxious Thoughts

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Episode 28 - Ease Election Stress with Meditation

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming elections next week? Anxiety can have the effect of bringing something to your mind over and over – like a bad smell you just can’t get away from.


Elections aren’t the only thing that can dig in like that. Breaking up with your significant other, a deep-seated worry… anything that keeps presenting itself to your mind can make you obsessive and anxious.


In this week’s Sedona Meditation Adventure, I share with you a technique that uses meditation and mindfulness to consciously bless the elections (or whatever you are obsessing about). Surrounding the elections with love and seeing everything proceed peacefully and justly is how you can turn your anxiety and obsessive energy into something useful.


See it, bless it, then LET IT GO!


Meditation is a powerful tool for helping relax the mind, body, and emotions. Obsessive thinking, anxiety, and worry are not healthy habits. Using the power of awareness, you can mindfully observe the times when your mind is spinning out on obsessive thoughts. In that moment, you can practice the technique I show you in this video: see the situation, visualize peace around it, then let it go. And then TRUST that all is well. You’ve done all that you can.


Of course you also need to vote! So stop obsessing, get meditating, and let that stuff go. Meditation can help ease your stress over the elections, over a break-up, or any worry you have. And don't forget to vote!

Imperfect Transcript

hi friends it's Michele Mattix of sedona meditation experiences with another episode of sedona meditation adventures this is my show where i come out and explore the beautiful terrain of sedona arizona and places around the desert southwest while exploring your inner terrain and getting some mindfulness and meditation practice in so thank you for joining me this week i am in west sedona with views of coffee pot rock in the background it's a little breezy it's a beautiful october morning and um we're a few weeks away from the u.s election and it's been a crazy ride 2020 and there's a lot of anxiety and feelings of uncertainty and you name it in general and around the elections as well and it's not um just elections that can uh disrupt your well-being you know there's things that can happen in your life that keep popping back into your mind and making you feel like you can't let go of something for example um if you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or even just a friend and it keeps popping back into your mind you know hard to let go of hard to get over or you're very anxious about a worry about money or about what am i going to do with my life you know whatever the worry is the technique that i want to share with you today is a way to kind of break the cycle of letting those things worry you and fill you with anxiety and instead using the opportunity of when that thing pops into your awareness to instead recognize it and send a blessing visualize something different you know visualize for example the elections going peacefully and the outcome being for the highest good for all involved get your ego out of the way and just see the highest good for peace and well-being for all americans and all people around the world that are affected by the politics in the united states if it's a breakup or something like that you can um send a blessing you know to to your ex and just see them you know peacefully um leaving your life you know going about their way in peace and harmony and you can use this technique for any number of things so what you do is you slowly retrain your brain to instead of get filled with anxiety about something to you know work with your heart space and send a blessing and kind of free your mind from worry so wherever you are i hope you can join me in a short practice you can apply it however you would like to the elections or to some other issue that's troubling you in your life and i invite you to go outdoors to meditate you know join me in being here in nature whatever nature is like where you are you can tune into the harmony and give your meditation time a little extra oomph if that's not possible it's certainly okay to be indoors just do not do this while driving or operating any heavy equipment you can do this when you can give it your full attention okay so go ahead and make yourself comfortable and when you're ready you can close your eyes and just take a few conscious breaths on the exhale let go of the static and feel yourself sink into the present moment

and allow your breath to become natural and just watch your breath for a few moments watch yourself breathing and notice how the breath has the ability to take you deeper into your experience

you can tune in to the sensations that you feel in your body

tune into the sense of groundedness as you consciously allow your energy to merge with the earth anchoring you grounding you just let each breath bring a new wave of deeper peace as you settle into this moment

and i'm going to ring the tingshas to welcome us into this meditation

and now call to mind the person or the event that you want to bestow your blessing upon

you can focus it on any issue a person that you're having a problem with something you're having trouble letting go a worry whatever but just call the situation to mind and without getting caught up in the drama

just observe the situation i'm seeing the whole situation of the election

without getting sucked into the drama just the concept of our democracy and people's power to elect their leaders

and the mechanics of that whether people are voting from home or they're going to be voting in person

so just see your situation the person or the the worry

from afar no drama you're not getting sucked into the story just like you're looking at it on the pages of a picture book

and now imagine the situation surrounded with love and light

if you remove all the drama all of the sting from the story

just see the situation with an aura of love around it like a fuzzy golden aura of love and if your mind wants to bring in yeah but what about this and what about that just let that go and stick with the image of the loving aura

and now bless the situation may the elections be blessed and go smoothly and peacefully

may this situation that i'm having a challenge with be blessed

and you don't have to know all of the workings of of the blessing but just send your heartfelt intention for the highest good to work its magic to surround and fill every aspect of the elections of your heartache of your worry of whatever

just trust that that blessing is working its magic

and feel it genuinely feel it from your heart of hearts and we're not wishing for any specific outcome here let your ego set aside but we're wishing for peace

we're putting it in god's hands and trusting

you don't have to do anything other than set your intention and hold the vision in your mind and your heart you can continue to send your blessing imagine it working its way through every aspect all the people involved all the places

all the machinery just let that blessing work its way through

and see the whole thing operating smoothly and peacefully

again not holding on to a particular outcome

but envisioning a peaceful happy healthy


and now still holding the image of this loving aura around the event let it go hand it over to the universe to god to the highest good

and just trust that you've done your part you've done what you can it's out of your control but it's being managed

i'm going to ring the tingshas to end this practice

and there's no rush take your time and if you want to stay with this practice and continue sending your blessing and visualizing the highest good for the elections or for anything please continue so this is a practice that you can use anytime you need to it's really helped me many times to let go of kind of the obsessive part of the mind that wants to keep worrying about something or lets the same thing pop back in over and over at some point you say okay enough yes it's been difficult to deal with the situation and yes there's a lot of stress around it but i'm not going to let it control me i'm going to bless it when it comes into my mind and i'm going to let it go and trust that it's being taken care of i don't have to micromanage every aspect of it in my mind so it's a good technique that uses a little meditative power and i'm glad that you were able to join me in putting some of your positive energy some of your good thoughts and feelings and blessings into the elections or into any situation if you're coming to sedona please consider joining me for a sedona meditation experience i'll take you out to a beautiful place talk with you about meditation and guide you through a 20 to 25 minute practice which is just the meditation experience of a lifetime when you feel this beautiful sedona energy and that meditative space it's like a raven soaring on the wind so i hope you can experience that with me i would love for us to be able to do that all right my friends thank you for joining me for this week's sedona meditation adventure until next time this is Michele Mattix saying goodbye for now