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Activities in Sedona - Hiking

Episode 30 - 'Spiritual Things to Do in Sedona' Series

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Episode 30

Looking for spiritual activities in Sedona that are safe during the pandemic? I guide meditations for visitors to Sedona and they often ask me, “What there is to do in Sedona?”


I’m happy to tell you that there are loads of things to do in Sedona. For this week’s Sedona Meditation Adventure, I begin a series of episodes to share some of these activities with you.


The first thing on my “To Do in Sedona” list is hiking. Get out on the land. Spend time in nature. This is what Sedona is spectacularly good at. Just you, the trail, and all kinds of fabulous scenery to climb on, look at, and meditate amongst.


In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find so many amazing trails in the same geographic area as Sedona. And the variety of lengths and difficulties AND year-round hiking weather will spoil you forever.


Sedona has hiking trails that allow you to climb up high on a mesa, stretch your legs on a long hike down a canyon floor, switchback up a mountain, explore caves, swim in the creek, circumnavigate iconic red rocks, and walk out on a natural bridge. And, oh yes, bask in the vortex energy.


Here are a few things to consider when planning your hiking activities in Sedona.

  • Many of the trails have limited parking.It’s a good idea to get an early start to beat the crowds or consider taking an Uber or Lyft to the trailhead.
  • You will need a Red Rock Pass displayed in your vehicle to park at many of the U.S. Forest Service trailheads (which includes pretty much all of the trails in Sedona).You can purchase a day, week, or annual pass at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, the Red Rock Ranger District visitor center, and many grocery stores around town. More info:
  • Be prepared.Know the length, difficulty, and challenges of a trail before you get on it.Always bring a BIG bottle of water, a sun hat, sun protection, and appropriate footwear.Do not “just wing it”.Sedona is high desert.It’s dry, the sun is blazing hot (even when the air is cold), and the 4,500 foot elevation means you may struggle to catch your breath.It also means that the atmosphere is thin and sunburn is all to easy.Here is a good topo map to help you plan:
  • Bring a journal along.Make a mini-retreat of your hiking excursion.Spend time focusing on your inner self while out in nature.This is truly what Sedona is best for.

And when you are out on the trail, find a quiet spot to sit, get yourself grounded, and meditate! If you’d like to join me for a Sedona Meditation Experience – one of the best spiritual activities in Sedona (if you ask me 😊).


Here are links to my previous Sedona Meditation Adventures at the four vortex sites:

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