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Sedona Sunset Meditations

Episode 41 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

· Meditation Video

Here comes summer, Sedona meditation fans, and that means HOT days. It's best to do your outdoor meditations in the mornings and theevenings.

To help you stay cool and be chill, I have sunset meditationexperiences ready for the summer. They take place right around sunset, so youget to enjoy the cooler temperatures while you enjoy the beauty of a Sedona sunset - all while being guided through the meditation experience of a lifetime! 

Before I tell you about my evening Sedona sunset meditations though, I have to share with you the most amazing thing that happened while filming this week's video. For the second time this spring I heard a roadrunner calling his mate! It is a most beautiful sound - resonant, haunting, and full of longing. It is similar to a mourning dove call. If you listen closely to the video, you can hear it. Plus, I added in a sound clip so you could get a good listen. 

Maybe you'll hear this sound when you visit Sedona (oranywhere else the roadrunner frequents). It made my morning to hear this lovelydesert bird calling out to the morning.

I have 2 Sedona sunset meditations for this summer. First,is my Full Moon Meditation experience. It happens only two night per month -when the moon is very nearly and then exactly full. It is a beautiful experience for learning more about our beautiful moon, understanding how the position of the moon relative to the zodiac gives each full moon a distinct quality and how that affects us and how we can work with it, how our ancestors used the moon's phases to nurture and grow the heart's desire, and how you can work with the moon energy to take your meditation to a new level. It is truly amazing to come out of meditation and see our mysterious and perfect moon rising over the red rocks into the desert night sky. 

My other Sedona sunset meditation is called Meditation SoundBath. It is my collaboration with Cheryl Baily, a Sedona sound practitioner whoplays the crystal alchemy bowls. In this unique experience, we explore sound in meditation - sounds in the environment, sounds in your body, and the mysterious sounds of the crystal alchemy bowls. The resonant tones invite you to sink deeper into relaxation and to take your meditation to a dreamlike place. 

Both of these Sedona sunset meditation experiences takeplace outdoors in the breezy desert when the heat of the day has passed and youcan enjoy the sounds and colors of a Sedona sunset. 

Take a few minutes and join me for a short meditation. This week, I guide you to listen to your breath and use the energy of the breath to relax your chakra areas.