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Meditation for Anxiety

Episode 42 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

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Do you suffer from anxiety or an overly busy mind?  Most of do experience these occasionally - for others it is daily.  It can be debilitating to feel you've taken hostage by your overly active mind and worried emotions. An anxious or overly busy mind is like a runaway train.  It starts off slowly and, if it's not slowed, it gains momentum.  Then a bit more.  And still more until your mind is charging down those train tracks completely out of control and heading for a crash. You do not have to go down those tracks again and again.  Meditation and mindfulness have been used successfully to treat anxiety and an overly busy mind.  Some meditation techniques work better than others at stopping the train before it runs away. For those times when your mind is fidgety and your emotions are heading towards anxiety, you need a simple and effective meditation to calm anxiety.   In this week's Sedona Meditation Adventure, I'll share one such technique with you.  It is called Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. This meditation for anxiety is powerful because it is extremely simple and it involves touch, hand movement, and the repetition of a series of sounds.  Engaging more of your senses in a meditation practice helps to  cut through the busy, anxious mind and to calm you down.   This meditation for anxiety can be practiced for as long as you need - even just a couple of minutes is often enough to make a huge difference.  You can think of it as the meditation and mindfulness version of holding yourself and rocking back and forth.  It is soothing for your body, mind, and emotions AND it helps to put you into a meditative state. Give it a try - let me know if works for you.Me