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Lazing on a Winter Afternoon

Episode 54 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

· Sedona Activities,Meditation Video

Feeling a bit lazy?  Good!  It's winter and time to rest.  This is the time to NOT push.  Rather, rest.

Like animals in hibernation or trees that drop their leaves, the winter is time to slow way down.  It is the time to dream and simply be with the dream. No worries about production or creating.

Winter is when we build our inner reserves in the way that deep rest allows.  Think of how it feels when you get a really good night's sleep and instead of wanting to get up and go, you want to crawl back under the covers and sleep some more.

When the spring comes and the sap begins to rise, you will be well-rested and full of dreams that you will be ready to put into action.

Here in Sedona, we have abundant sunshine and mild winter temperatures.  It's great to spend time in nature, moving slowly and taking time to sink into a peaceful spot and just be.

In this week's Sedona Meditation Adventure, I do just that.  Join me for a lazy creekside meditation.   Take it easy.  Relax with me.