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Spiritual Things to Do in Sedona

Part 1: How to Plan Your Sedona Spiritual Journey.

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The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. Listen to your own truth. - Ram Dass

Spiritual Travelers Come to Sedona

If you are coming to Sedona to explore your spiritual side then you won't be alone. Of the more than three million people who visit the famous vortex town in the red rocks each year, many of them come for spiritual renewal and the many spiritual things to do in Sedona. Chances are if you are reading this, then you just might be one of them!

If exploring your spirituality is a part of why you are coming to Sedona, then you will want to come with a bit of plan. It can be distracting to make a pilgrimage to a spiritual place, like Sedona, that is also a major tourist destination. Not everyone who visits Sedona is on a spiritual journey and you will want to stay focused on your intention lest you end up being inadvertently sucked into the default tourist trappings.

This series of articles on Spiritual Things to Do in Sedona is intended to help you hone in on YOUR spiritual journey and to find things to do in Sedona that will enhance your spiritual journey. Only you can know what speaks to your heart. It is not my intention to create an itinerary for you, but rather to share tips with you about how to plan your visit and find those special things to do in Sedona that will make your heart sing.


This first article in the series is about how you can prepare for your Sedona spiritual journey.

Meditation Promotes Self-Awareness

As the founder and owner of one of Sedona's more popular spiritual tour companies, don't be surprised to hear me promote meditation! No matter what Sedona spiritual activities appeal to you, self-awareness will be at the heart of them and there is no better tool for fostering self-awareness than meditation.

Whether you are an experienced meditator or a newbie, definitely plan on making meditation one of your daily things to do in Sedona. In fact, don't wait until you get here. Start meditating a week or so BEFORE your trip. It doesn't have to be elaborate - even just five minutes a day will help you engage with your inner self and start to break the stress-shell.

When you are stressed out, it is as if you have a crusty shell around your energy field and that makes it very challenging to feel subtle energies like the Sedona vortex energy. By engaging in activities to help you de-stress before your trip, you'll be able to hit the spiritual ground running when you arrive in Sedona.

Once here among the red rocks, continue to make meditation part of your daily things to do in Sedona. This will help open your awareness so you will be more receptive to the magical Sedona vortex energy that enlivens the area. You are more likely to have a-ha moments, coincidences, and sweet surprises when you're in a peaceful and open state of mind.

You don't want to show up for your spiritual journey so stressed out that it takes your entire vacation just to calm down enough to be in the right frame of mind conducive to the spiritual experiences you seek. Make the most of your time in Sedona and work on de-stressing before you get here.

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Your Sedona Spiritual Journey

While serendipity is a marvelous guide when traveling, you will probably want to have a bit more of a plan for your spiritual journey and what things to do in Sedona. Here are a few things to consider to help you get clear about your journey and how to stay aligned with your intentions when you are in Sedona.

  • What do you hope to experience while you are in Sedona - physically as well as spiritually?  What is it that you want to walk away with?  Are you coming to seek clarity?  Find a conscious path forward?  To grieve?  Take some time with this and get clear about your intentions.
  • Are you planning to travel to Sedona with other people?  If so, do they know about and share your intentions for a spiritual journey?  How can you ensure that your spiritual journey does not turn into partying instead of praying?
  • How comfortable are you letting your intuition be your guide? It's wise to book popular things to do in Sedona ahead of time - especially if you are traveling here in the busy spring and fall seasons when popular Sedona activities fill up.  But be sure to give yourself plenty of unstructured time to go with the flow of your intuition.
  • The very best thing to do in Sedona is to spend time out on the land - that's where the energy is.  Be sure to plan on the outdoors being the main setting of your activities.  Choose outdoors spiritual things to do in Sedona where possible.
  • How woo-woo are you?  It's good to think about this before you begin booking spiritual tours in Sedona.  Many activities and tour guides in Sedona are very "woo-woo".  There's nothing wrong with that but be aware aware that one person's idea of a spiritual activity could be another person's whack-a-doodle foray into woo-woo land.  Something like meditation, for example, can be very down-to-earth OR very woo-woo depending on who the guide is.  Choose wisely.
  • Finally - be prepared to share.  Sedona is a very popular spiritual destination and the well-known hiking trails and red rock attractions can be very crowded.  Seek out quiet places so you can stay focused on your journey and not get caught up in what other people are doing.  Consider hiring an Uber or Lyft to drop you off and pick you up at popular trails - parking is limited and can be prohibitive.

It's not hard to have a successful spiritual journey if that is your sincere intention. Part of the magic of Sedona is that the energy will rise up to meet your heart-felt intentions.

However, it CAN be hard to stay aligned with and true to your intentions. Get clear about your intentions BEFORE you come to Sedona and spend time blessing and enlivening them as you prepare your journey. Let the journey begin to unfold and feed it even now as you envision your time in Sedona.
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Peaceful Sedona Traveler

If you could use support in staying aligned with your spiritual journey when you're in Sedona, check out my Peaceful Sedona Traveler meditation experience. It is a series of three 1-hour Sedona meditation experiences spread over three days while you are here.

We spend time at an iconic and powerful location among the red rocks and I guide you through a unique Sedona meditation and support you on your spiritual journey. You'll experience amazing energy, a variety of meditation techniques, and exercises to help you honor your intentions for your Sedona spiritual journey.

Building this time and support into your Sedona journey will ensure that you are staying true to your spiritual intentions AND deepening your meditation practice. It will help you make the most of your Sedona spiritual retreat and send you home with new tools to keep your spiritual fire burning.