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Holding Space During Meditation

Episode 35 of the Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

One of – if not the most - important services I provide during a meditation experience is holding space for my meditators. I think of it as a weaving a strong web of support that will hold everyone and allow each person to go deep into their experience knowing they are safe and supported.

“Holding space” is an expression used frequently in the healing and coaching worlds. It means being present for someone – physically, emotionally, and mentally – so that they feel supported and free to fully engage with their experience.

Imagine a safe boundary placed around you by a caring and trusted friend inside of which you know – because you can feel it – that you are lovingly supported. The safety you feel and the freedom that feeling gives you is partly what helps propel you to shine.


Perhaps you’ve experienced someone holding space for you – a parent, mentor, teacher, or coach. Anyone who sets their own “stuff” aside (because it’s not about ‘me’) so they channel support for you. A parent holds space for their child as they learn to take their first steps. A coach holds space for an athlete when they help to hold a vision of success for them. A friend holds space for you when you are grieving and need a shoulder to cry on.

We all can benefit from having space held for us, especially where healing and inner work are concerned. None of us is alone. We have one another for support and kindness.

Having space held for you in meditation helps you to feel free to let yourself get into the experience – to explore the sensations in your body, the subtle energy that moves through your being, and the deep well of peace in your core. Join me for a short meditation in this week's video and see if you can feel the space being held for you.