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Good Life

Episode 56 of our Sedona Meditation Adventures video series

· Meditation Video


I’m on the road traveling around southeastern Arizona this week so my Sedona Meditation Adventure is coming to you from Kartchner Caverns State Park. It is home to one of the most amazing and beautifully protected caves in the world. 


One of my favorite things about being in a cave is the quiet. Deep, soothing, penetrating quiet. This cave is wet which means it is dripping with water, albeit slowly. The beautiful formations are still growing and new ones forming. Unlike other caves I’ve visited, this one has 98% humidity. It is an amazing environment with gorgeous formations all around, many of them striated with hues of red and others that gave name to new cave features.   


Up on the surface I’m doing some amazing hiking in rugged mountains and gorgeous forested desert. It is a much needed getaway and time to do nothing but relax, explore, and have fun.   


It is much less populated down here and I’m enjoying very quiet outdoor meditations, like the one I share with you in this video. I use these quiet moments to greet the land and all the spirits that inhabit it. I share this process with you in the video.   


Join me for a meditation from the Guindani Trail.