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Breath In a Fresh New Beginning

Episode 33 of the Sedona Meditation Adventures Video Series

Greetings Meditators! This week, I celebrate the glorious snow we received in Sedona and the fresh new beginning that it offers.

The desert has been extremely dry this past year. The monsoon rains passed us right on by. So when this storm brought with it much needed moisture, you could feel the collective “aaaaahhhhhh” of all the desert dwellers.

I can’t help but observe how the timing of this much needed relief coincides with the settling in of our new president and the collective sigh of relief many of us have been experiencing. Every four years, our nation gets a reset – a fresh, new beginning.

You can have a personal reset at any moment. You can think of each breath as a brand new beginning, an opportunity to breath in new air, new ideas, new energy. And each outbreath an opportunity to release that which no longer serves you – old patterns, stagnant ideas, fossilized energy.

In with the new, old with the old. Breath in, breath out.

Meditation is an opportunity for you to settle into yourself – to feel your own rhythm. It’s your time to breath in your own new and to release your old. New oneness in. Old limitations out. New love in. Old grievances out.

YOU get to choose who you are going to be in each moment, with each breath. The breath truly is an opportunity for a fresh, new start. It can be that simple!

Join me for a short meditation and breath in your own fresh, new beginning.