• Peaceful & Glowing

    A half-day one-on-one meditation intensive

  • This Intensive is for You If

    • You want to meditate and have a rich and connective spiritual life but you struggle to find the time to really get started.
    • You lack the tools, technique, and support to know how to go within and meditate properly.
    • You feel time is flying by and you want to be more present for the moments of your life and emotionally available for your loved ones.
    • You've had a wake-up call - health, relationship, midlife, or other crisis - and feel there must be more to life than the stressful ratrace.
    • You feel unfulfilled and have an intuition that the answer lies within but you need support and guidance to navigate that terrain.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    If life is sending you the message to look within and find inner peace, then stop putting it off. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to get started. This can - and will - change your life.


    “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -Plato


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  • What We'll Do

    This is NOT a cookie-cutter experience. It will be tailored to your needs to help you take giant steps in finding your inner peace and keeping that glow going.

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    Focus on YOU

    Wherever you are on your meditation journey, I'll meet you there. Whether your concern is managing anxiety, finding and holding your spiritual center, improving your health, or ANYTHING else, we'll start there and build you the perfect practice. Book now.

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    Overcome Blocks

    What's holding you back from finding the peace within you and letting it light you up for the world to see? Let me help to hold you accountable so you can take your inner wellness into your own hands and shine like the radiant ball of light you are. Book now.

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    Experience Genuine Inner-Peace

    Inner peace is not a feel-good fairy tale. It's real and it is at the core of your being. Maybe you've never felt it before and maybe it's buried under layers of expectations, dissapointments, and emotional and mental clutter, but it is really within you. I'll help you find it and equip you with tools to let it light you up. Book now.

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    Set Yourself Up for Success

    Can you learn to meditate at home with an app? Maybe. But it's a tall order to carve out the time, sit by yourself, and actually meditate properly. Invest some time and energy into your wellness and learn from a professional in a powerful environment. You'll leave with the necessary skills and confidence to keep the inner peace alive and continue glowing brightly. Book now.

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